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The development of a zone or hub in areas of economic deprivation, where clusters of schools and other organisations work collaboratively for the benefit of the families living in these communities is something that is being trialled in numerous areas up and down the UK and across the world.  These hubs are led by different types of organisations from city councils to schools to housing providers.  Many share similar key characteristics and we therefore feel it beneficial to develop a UK wide network or forum for the sharing of ideas, successes and for support.  In the future we may be in a position to commission some sort of joint evaluation which will strengthen our positions as individual areas as well as a collective.


Our objectives for the network are as follows:

  • Establish a strong UK wide network, which continually attracts new members

  • Develop a programme of conferences and learning events which take place throughout the UK

  • Ensure that delegates author and organise the programme content

  • Document and disseminate learning using a range of media

  • Effectively promote the work of the network and the individual hubs

  • Evaluate the work of the hubs for their impact particularly in disadvantaged areas



Working closely with the University of Manchester, we made contact with some of these other areas and held our first conference in February 2017, at MCA.  Since then Community Network UK has met termly, with the most recent conference being hosted by Kirklees Council at The John Smiths Stadium, Huddersfield.  The Network currently has representation from many areas across the UK including Feltham, Hackney, Kirklees, Manchester, Glasgow and Walls End.  Membership is growing and we are happy to hear from new areas who are developing similar ways of working, it is evident we all have a lot to learn from one another.

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