Family Zone

The Family Zone is situated within the geographical ‘neighbourhood’ of Collyhurst and the    Harpurhey ward, North Manchester.  The boundaries are determined by a group of 17 schools which are already working collaboratively on a number of separate initiatives.


The primary focus of the Family Zone is the children of the area, between the ages of 0-19 years.  Its core aim is to secure the best economic and educational outcomes for these children in the context of a happy, safe and memorable childhood.  The proposed programme for the Family Zone has three arenas.  The first is in the child’s immediate home and family context, to identify, build and strengthen assets and resilience.  The second is within the diverse education provision, where a tracking and intervention system will provide the pipeline effect regardless of where the child is educated.  Finally, the third site is the local community where innovative and dynamic programmes will be offered first in the local community but will also outreach into school and the home.  The diverse projects on offer through the Family Zone are outlined in the following pages.


The seventeen schools taking part in the Family Zone are:


  • Abbott Primary School 

  • Broadhurst Primary                                                 

  • Collyhurst Nursery

  • Oasis Academy Harpur Mount                              

  • Holy Trinity

  • Irk Valley                                                                              

  • Lily Lane

  • Manchester Communication Academy               

  • Manchester Communication Primary Academy

  • Moston Lane                                                            

  • Saviour

  • St Malachy’s                                                             

  • St Patrick’s

  • St Edmunds                                                              

  • St Chad’s

  • St Augustine’s                                                                     

  • Temple Primary



We are developing a number of projects within The Family Zone  and member schools can choose those which they want to be part of. 


The Family Zone sets out to achieve the following outcomes:


  • The FZ children will be asset rich and resilient to the effects of area and personal disadvantage

  • All FZ children will make good or better academic progress at each key stage of their education

  • They will be physically, socially, emotionally safe and healthy

  • They will be able to secure the employment opportunities of their choice. 

  • They will be able to contribute to the community

  • The children and their families will have very positive perceptions of their lived reality in North Manchester

Manchester Communication Academy Community

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