Happily Ever After

Following the incredibly successful “once Upon a Time “ project established with MCA back in 2010, we wanted to build upon his with “Happily Ever After”

Once Upon A Time set out to create an archive of memories from those people who had grown up in and around North Manchester.  Initially this was built upon coffee mornings and meeting where local residents just talked about their experiences of growing up and how things have changed over the years. This grew into a group with membership of over 500 people who receive a quarterly magazine, full of their stories and memories; about 30 people attend a weekly drop-in session at MCA and two gatherings are hosted each year which regularly have over 200 people attending.

We feel it’s important to archive  these personal histories but as most of the members of Once Upon a Time are over the age of 60, there is now a whole new layer of local history we wish to capture.

This led us to developing Happily ever After; we wanted to introduce an opportunity for parents to engage with MCA on an agenda-free basis where real relationships grow.  This will create an environment for a genuine parent group which allows for mutually beneficial social bonding and a network of support.

He programme objectives are:

  • To create a project (Happily Ever After) which will enable staff and parents to spend time together on an authentic and agenda-free basis

  • To co-create an exhibition/publication based on the project

  • To offer a unique professional development opportunity for all staff involved

  • To establish a mutually beneficial and ground breaking relationship between parents and school staff 

From our initial meetings, many of the conversations often came back round to food, which is a   central part of most communities, therefore we came up with the idea to produce our own cookbook, featuring family recipes which each have their own history.  The recipe book will include     information on what part of the world the recipe originates and what memories are associated with it.

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