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Working from the assumption that area and personal disadvantage will impact upon student    performance and progress, the Family Zone schools will have to create a universal offer which will be enough to mitigate this impact.  In some cases additional intervention and support may be needed.  The earlier we can intervene, the more effective this will be.  In order to provide a pipeline effect of support, no matter where the child is educated, an area wide tracker system is being piloted across 10 schools.

Three tipping points have been identified for health, attendance and behaviour and if a child tips on any of these and this is shown to be impacting upon their progress in maths and English, then we   invite parents, carers and anyone who has responsibility for the child to a family meeting where we will work together to support the child back on track.  We have access to a whole menu of support which can be offered not just for the child but for the whole family.   In doing this we are not just placing a sticking plaster on by addressing the presenting issue of attendance or bahaviour, we find out what is really going on and work with the whole family to ensure the child is supported to achieve their potential.


Objectives are as follows:

  • Consistent Zone-wide tipping points are agreed and established

  • Consistent Zone-wide monitoring and application of systems are agreed and implemented

  • Early identification of tipping points is established to ensure more effective intervention

  • All FZ children tipping on health/attendance/behaviour indicators and below expected progress in Maths or English will be supported back on track.  



In piloting a consistent area wide approach, Family Zone schools are able to support one another.  An area wide menu of interventions and support has been established which has highlighted some fantastic work being done but also the gaps that are present.

As a group we are now exploring the potential of jointly commissioning some of our own services, which will allow us to pool resources in order to get best value for money and ensure timely access to essential services.

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